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The United Arab Emirates (UAE) introduces a groundbreaking 5-year residence visa, priced at 720 dirhams (approximately 55,000 in Pakistani Currency), enhancing accessibility for international travelers seeking extended stays for tourism, work, or investment. Managed by the Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs, and Ports Security, this initiative specifically benefits foreign residents aged 55 and above, acknowledging their valuable contributions.

To qualify for the UAE Visa, applicants must meet specific criteria, including a minimum of 15 years of service, financial prerequisites, and property ownership totaling at least 1,000,000 UAE dirhams. Retirees eyeing this visa must demonstrate a fixed annual income of 240,000 UAE dirhams.

The fee structure encompasses residence permit, knowledge, innovation, and in-country fees, simplifying the residency process and positioning the UAE as an attractive destination for prolonged stays. This visa program reflects the UAE’s commitment to creating a welcoming environment for expatriates and retirees, offering a connection to the country over an extended period.UAE VISA

Retirement in UAE-Catering to the needs of individuals aged 55 and above, the UAE not only acknowledges their significance but also widens its doors to those seeking extended sojourns. The financial and property ownership prerequisites signal the UAE’s intent to attract contributors to the country’s economy and society. The comprehensive fee structure streamlines the application process and ensures applicants are invested in the country’s growth and innovation.

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