ARAMCO, GO (Gas & Oil Pakistan Ltd.)
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Unconventional Entry Following Shell Pakistan’s Missed Opportunity

In a significant move, Saudi Aramco, a global energy and chemicals powerhouse, is set to make its debut in Pakistan’s fuel retail sector. The company recently finalized agreements to acquire a substantial 40% stake in Gas & Oil Pakistan Ltd. (GO).

Earlier this quarter, Saudi Aramco’s attempt to acquire Shell Pakistan’s assets fell through, leading to the eventual acquisition by Saudi energy company Wafi Energy. However, Aramco surprised the market by opting for an alternate route into Pakistan through the acquisition of GO.

Strategic Investment Aiming for Downstream Expansion

The strategic investment is geared towards fortifying Aramco’s global downstream value chain while providing a significant competitive boost for GO. Recognized as one of Pakistan’s largest retail and storage companies, GO offers a diverse range of services.ARAMCO, GO (Gas & Oil Pakistan Ltd.)

Deal Details and Global Expansion Strategy

The agreement, contingent on customary conditions and regulatory approvals, aligns seamlessly with Aramco’s broader strategy to expand its downstream operations globally. This move follows Aramco’s recent acquisition of Valvoline Inc.’s global products business in February 2023.

Optimism from Aramco Downstream President

Mohammed Y. Al Qahtani, Aramco Downstream President, expressed optimism about the acquisition, emphasizing its alignment with Aramco’s downstream expansion strategy. The acquisition is expected to secure additional outlets for Aramco’s refined products and create new market opportunities for Valvoline-branded lubricants.

Paving the Way for Further Investments in Pakistan

This marks Aramco’s second planned retail acquisition in 2023, reflecting the company’s downstream expansion strategy focused on refining, marketing, lubricants, trading, and chemicals. The move is anticipated to open the door for additional investments in Pakistan’s downstream oil sector, underscoring Aramco’s commitment to international growth.

Transformative Changes and Global Expertise

Saudi Aramco’s entry into Pakistan’s downstream oil sector is expected to usher in transformative changes, introducing global expertise and innovative solutions. The agreement highlights Pakistan’s crucial role in Aramco’s global expansion strategy.

About GO – Pakistan’s Largest Retail Outlet Operator

Extensive Reach and Operations

GO stands out with its extensive reach, boasting over 1200 retail outlets, making it the largest private sector retail outlet operator in Pakistan. The company’s oil storage depots across the country can hold approximately 200,000 MTs of fuel, ensuring round-the-clock deliveries with a sophisticated storage network and a fleet of 800 tank trucks equipped with satellite tracking systems.

Innovations and Market Presence

In 2020, GO became the first Oil Marketing Company (OMC) in Pakistan to introduce Electric Vehicle Chargers at its outlets. The company holds the largest network of Company Owned Company Operated (COCO) retail outlets in Pakistan and has a robust presence on the M4 and M5 motorways. Notably, GO’s retail market share in Pakistan has consistently stood at 7.0% in FY 2023.

Why GO? – Insights into Aramco’s Decisionaramco, GO (Gas & Oil Pakistan Ltd.)

 Strategic Reasons Behind Aramco’s Choice

The decision to choose GO over other petroleum companies has puzzled many. Despite GO’s financial challenges, sources familiar with the deal suggest that Aramco sees strategic value. Aramco plans to supply fuel to GO, introduce Valvoline lubricants, and launch Aramco-branded retail outlets, enhancing GO’s market standing.

Supply Exclusivity and Strategic Utilization

Senior energy analysts point to GO’s supply exclusivity and strategic utilization of storage capacity as factors driving Aramco’s interest. A comprehensive understanding will only be possible after the terms of the agreement are made public.

Aramco’s Downward Expansion Strategy

Despite Aramco’s market cap exceeding $2 trillion, its retail presence is lesser than some global competitors, prompting the adoption of a downward expansion strategy. This involves extending operations towards end consumers in the supply chain.

Prospects in an Emerging Market

Establishing a native brand in Pakistan not only helps Aramco achieve brand recognition but also provides numerous opportunities in this emerging market. It’s noteworthy that specific deal terms, including the acquisition amount for Aramco’s 40% stake in GO, remain undisclosed.

GO’s Rich History and Future Growth Plans

ARAMCO, GO (Gas & Oil Pakistan Ltd.), Downstream Expansion, Strategic Investment

Roots in 1967 and Early Growth

GO’s history traces back to 1967 when Chaudhry Riaz Ahmed entered the fuel retail business in Southern Punjab. The business expanded over the years through the acquisition of various retail outlets.

Strategic Partnerships and Awards

In 2012, with support from Tariq Kirmani, former Managing Director of Pakistan State Oil, GO was established. The company achieved a Permanent License from the Oil & Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) in 2019. GO entered a strategic partnership in 2018 with a major independent energy trader globally, becoming a shareholder and a major supplier to Pakistan.

Economic Challenges and Future Plans

Despite economic challenges, GO bought back its equity in 2023, positioning itself for a long-term partnership with a downstream industry leader. The company anticipates embarking on the next phase of its growth in early 2024.

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