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I. Introduction     

In a groundbreaking development, Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited  has inked a Share Purchase Agreement (SPA) to acquire 100% of Telenor Pakistan’s (TPL) shares, marking a significant shift in the telecommunications landscape.

II. The Deal in Numbers

The deal, valued at an impressive Enterprise Value of Rs108 billion ($380 million), is set to transpire on a cash-free, debt-free basis. Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited , a stalwart in Pakistan’s information communication technology (ICT) sector, plans to finance this acquisition through external debt.

III. Telenor Pakistan: A Brief Overview

telenor pakistan

Telenor Pakistan, a major player with 45 million subscribers and reported revenue of Rs112 billion, boasts an EBITDA margin of 43%. This strategic move by Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited is anticipated to usher in market consolidation, promising a brighter future for the telecom industry in the long run.

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IV. Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited Dominance in ICT

Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited as Pakistan’s leading ICT company, commands a market capitalization of Rs49 billion ($173 million) and holds the crown as the nation’s largest fixed-line network provider. With a diverse portfolio encompassing voice services, high-speed broadband, and ownership of Ufone and U Microfinance Bank, Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited is a telecommunications powerhouse.

V. Funding the Future: PTCL’s Financial Strategy

To execute this bold move, PTCL plans to raise external debt. According to Topline Pakistan Research, the debt is estimated to be around Rs108 billion, with an annual interest payment of Rs19 billion. This financial maneuver, even at an 18% interest rate, stands significantly lower than Telenor’s EBITDA in the past year.

VI. Synergies in Merger: PTCL, Ufone, and Telenor

The merger of Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited Ufone, and Telenor is anticipated to yield synergies through shared infrastructure. This collaborative approach echoes the success of the Mobilink and Warid deal in 2015, although with distinct differences in the financial structure.

VII. Telenor’s Strategic Vision

Telenor Group’s decision to sell its Pakistan operations aligns with its strategy to build scale and market-leading players in Asia. The move follows a strategic review of its telco operations in Pakistan, announced in July 2022.

VIII. Valuing Telenor Pakistan: Numbers Speak Louder

The valuation of Telenor Pakistan in the transaction stands at NOK 5.3 billion, considering a cash-and-debt-free foundation This includes the repayment of intercompany loans and reduced interest-bearing liabilities, positioning Telenor Pakistan as a lucrative investment for Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited

IX. Leadership Voices: Telenor Group and Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited CEO’s

Telenor Group CEO Sigve Brekke expressed pride in the company’s 18 years of operations in Pakistan, emphasizing the efficiency and readiness of Telenor Pakistan as a telco operator. Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited CEO added that the consolidation move would fortify Pakistan’s telecom sector, creating new avenues for growth.

X. Telenor Pakistan’s Business as Usual

Despite the impending ownership change, Telenor Pakistan is committed to business as usual, focusing on delivering top-notch services to its 45 million customers. The deal, subject to regulatory approvals, is expected to conclude in 2024.

XI. Conclusion

In a dynamic telecom landscape, Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited acquisition of Telenor Pakistan emerges as a pivotal moment. This strategic move promises to reshape the industry, unlock synergies, and create a robust telecom ecosystem in Pakistan.

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