Rise of Driving License Fees by Punjab Government
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The Punjab interim government has implemented significant modifications to the driving license fees system, transitioning from a one-time payment every five years to an annual fee commencing in January 2024.

The fee for a learner driving license has experienced a hike of Rs440, shifting from Rs60 to Rs500 per year. Motorcycle and rickshaw operators are now required to pay Rs500 annually instead of the previous five-year payment cycle. Car and jeep drivers will witness an increase in the 5-year license fee, now established at Rs1,800 per year, compared to the former fee of Rs950.

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Heavy transport fees have surged from Rs400 to Rs2,000 per year. Specific adjustments have been made for disabled individuals, altering the public service vehicle fees for a 5-year license from Rs450 to Rs1,500 per year.

It’s noteworthy that fees for license categories not mentioned have risen from Rs100 to Rs1,000. This constitutes the first adjustment in the past two decades.

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