Punjab Summer Vacations 2024: Schedule Announced Amidst Heatwave
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In the midst of Punjab’s scorching heatwave, the provincial education minister has unveiled the schedule for Punjab summer vacations in schools and colleges. This move aims to ensure the well-being of students amidst soaring temperatures.

Summer vacations in educational institutions are set to span over two months, aligning with the previous year’s duration. This strategic approach aims to provide ample time for students to rest and rejuvenate during the hot summer months.

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Traditionally, summer vacations in Punjab commence from June and extend through August, coinciding with temperatures reaching 40 degrees Celsius or higher. According to forecasts, temperatures are expected to soar to 39°C in May 2024 and exceed 40°C in June 2024.

The slated commencement date for summer vacation is June 7, 2024, with the conclusion on August 19, 2024, as announced by the education minister. Anticipate forthcoming communication from the Education Department regarding this matter in the coming weeks.

Prior alerts issued by the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) warned of potential maximum temperatures of 49.5 degrees Celsius in June. Additionally, August may witness temperatures peaking at 48.63 degrees Celsius.

This proactive measure aims to prioritize the safety and well-being of students and faculty members during the sweltering summer season. Stay updated with the latest information regarding Punjab’s summer vacation schedule for 2024.

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