Solar Panel Costs in Pakistan Slash by Over 50%
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In a surprising turn of events, the Solar Panel Costs in Pakistan has plummeted to Rs. 37 per Watt, marking a substantial reduction from the Rs. 80 per Watt recorded in 2022.

This drop in prices can be attributed to an oversupply situation within the local market coupled with a downward trajectory in international rates, resulting in a significant decrease of nearly 30% over the past six months alone, making panels from various brands accessible at approximately Rs. 37 per Watt.

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As a consequence of this decline, the expense of a 5kW solar power system has diminished by Rs. 215,000, contributing to an overall reduction of Rs. 430,000 for a 5kW system.

Despite these alterations, the pricing for inverters and batteries has remained consistent.

Moreover, this development comes on the heels of a recent proposal by the Central Power Purchasing Agency (CPPA-G) to levy a tax on both residential and commercial solar power consumers, suggesting a fixed tax rate of Rs. 2,000 per kilowatt for such users.

However, the Power Division swiftly refuted claims of imposing a fixed tax on solar power consumers, although it did not contest reports suggesting a revision in the buyback rates for net metering electricity, proposing a reduction from the current Rs. 21 to Rs. 11 per unit.

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  1. Absolutely fascinating article! As an expert in renewable energy, I found the drop in solar panel costs in Pakistan to Rs. 37 per Watt remarkable. This 54% reduction from Rs. 80 per Watt in 2022 makes solar energy much more accessible. The cost of a 5kW system has decreased by Rs. 215,000, saving consumers Rs. 430,000 overall. While inverter and battery prices remain stable, the potential tax and revised net metering rates are important to watch. Great job highlighting these crucial developments. If you want to get the latest solar panel prices visit our website

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