Rise of Driving License Fees by Punjab Government
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The recent implementation of substantial rise of driving license fees by Punjab Government has raised concerns and placed financial strain on motorists in the region. The newly introduced fee structure, effective since January 17, 2023, reveals unprecedented spikes, with certain categories experiencing staggering increases of up to 2600%.

This updated fee schedule presents formidable figures, creating a challenging situation for drivers seeking to renew or obtain licenses in the area. For motorcyclists, the fee has witnessed a dramatic rise from a reasonable 60 rupees for a 5-year license to an exorbitant Rs. 4900, indicating a significant 791% increase.

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Car and Jeep owners are now confronted with a substantial 1100% surge, as fees escalate from Rs. 550 to Rs. 11400. Similarly, the Light Transport (LTE) and Heavy Transport (HTE) categories have seen increases of 1205% and 2656%, respectively. Tractor owners are also grappling with a considerable 2100% fee hike, soaring from Rs. 450 to Rs. 9900.

Despite the government’s justification citing the necessity for infrastructure development and road safety initiatives, the heightened fees impose a noteworthy burden on the common man, giving rise to questions about the impact on the daily lives of residents.

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