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Not only are Google Pixel users getting updated battery health tools, but Samsung is also gearing up to launch a new feature designed to protect the battery in the upcoming Galaxy S24 and current Galaxy phones, focusing on enhancing Samsung Galaxy battery protection.

Unearthed by Tipster Tarun Vats on Twitter/X, the upcoming “battery protection” feature for Galaxy S24 introduces three options: “basic protection,” halting charging at 100%, resuming at 95%; an adaptive charging mode, slowing to 100% until wake-up for “moderate protection”; and “maximum protection,” stopping at 80% and resuming below.Samsung Galaxy battery protection

This innovation reflects smartphone battery care, emphasizing new battery health features and adaptive charging modes. While initially thought exclusive to One UI 6.1, a leak suggests activation in One UI 6 using the “batterypro” app, but functionality issues may await the next One UI update.Unearthed by Tipster Tarun Vats on Twitter/X, the upcoming “battery protection” feature will introduce three options designed to prolong the phone’s battery life.

The options include “basic protection,” which halts charging at 100% and only resumes when the battery drops to 95%, avoiding continuous topping up to maintain a full charge.

Another option is an adaptive charging mode, slowing down charging to 100% until the user wakes up. This mode, categorized as providing “moderate protection,” adapts to the user’s routine, as described in the feature menu.

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The final choice, labeled “maximum protection,” completely stops charging at 80% and only resumes when the phone’s battery drops below that level. This feature closely resembles one introduced exclusively by Apple for the iPhone 15, offering additional battery health information. Samsung’s approach to battery protection is tiered due to the acknowledgment that full charging and discharging cycles (from 0% to 100%) degrade the battery more rapidly than periodic top-ups.

An earlier leak in the month suggested that this new Samsung feature would be exclusive to One UI 6.1, anticipated to launch with the Galaxy S24 next month. However, according to Tarun Vats, it is currently possible to activate it in One UI 6 by using an app called Activity Launcher and enabling it by searching for “batterypro.” Nonetheless, Tarun notes that the feature is not functioning properly at the moment, indicating that the setting may be reserved for the next One UI update.

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