Pakistan General elections
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Pakistan General elections will be held On February 8, with political parties actively engaging in pre-election campaigns through marches, rallies, and speeches, standard practices

in any democratic process.

Be alert to potential disruptions caused by public gatherings, such as traffic blockages and transportation issues, which may impede free movement and compromise safety. It is

noteworthy that political activities in Pakistan have, at times, become targets for violence.

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U.S. citizens planning to visit areas where political rallies are taking place should stay vigilant and informed about the locations. On election day, February 8, expect crowded

surroundings around polling stations, and U.S. citizens not eligible to participate in Pakistan’s elections are advised to steer clear of these areas.

Be prepared for possible disruptions to internet and cellular services leading up to, during, and immediately following election day.

Recommended Actions:

1. Steer clear of large public gatherings.

2. Exercise caution if unexpectedly near a substantial gathering or demonstration.

3. Review your personal security plans.

4. Stay informed through local media updates.

5. Maintain a low profile.

6. Carry identification and cooperate with the police.

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