PSL Season 9
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The upcoming PSL 9 is poised to initiate online ticket sales commencing on Tuesday, February 6, 2024. Anticipation is mounting among cricket enthusiasts who eagerly await the

launch of ticket sales for this much-anticipated season.

In an effort to enhance convenience, physical tickets will be accessible at designated TCS express centres, with availability starting from February 12, 2024. This affords fans the

flexibility to choose between retrieving their online bookings from TCS pick-up centres or opting for the convenience of home delivery.

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Catering to a diverse audience, the ticket pricing structure presents various options, including PKR 6,000 for VIP, PKR 3,000 for Premium, PKR 2,000 for First class, and PKR

1,000 for General admission.

For the grand finale scheduled at Karachi’s National Bank Stadium on March 18, different rates apply, introducing an element of exclusivity: PKR 8,000 for VIP, PKR 4,000 for

Premium, PKR 2,500 for First class, and PKR 1,000 for General admission. Cricket enthusiasts now have the opportunity to plan and secure their tickets for an unforgettable PSL


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