Sindh High Court Requires Interior Ministry to Justify Twitter Shutdown of X
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Recently, the Sindh High Court issued a directive to the Interior Ministry, demanding the withdrawal of its closure notice aimed at X, the widely-used social media platform commonly known as Twitter.

During the proceedings concerning the closure of X on Wednesday, the court stressed the importance of the Interior Ministry retracting its letter within a week, warning that failure to comply would lead to the court’s intervention through a ruling.

The Interior Ministry has been given until May 9 to provide justifications for the closure of X, as per the court’s directives.

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Furthermore, the Islamabad High Court (IHC) has heard a petition challenging the shutdown of X. The Interior Ministry opposed this petition by submitting a report to the IHC, arguing that the petitioner has not suffered any rights deprivation.

In its report, the ministry asserts that X should be banned in Pakistan due to its non-compliance with the government’s directives regarding the platform’s misuse. The report also states that contesting the closure of X goes against the law and facts, citing instances where the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) requested X to ban accounts that spread anti-chief justice sentiments, to which the platform did not respond.

The ministry contends that X’s lack of cooperation provides grounds for regulatory actions against the platform, potentially including a temporary shutdown. It’s noteworthy that X is registered in Pakistan but has not agreed to abide by Pakistani laws.

Given this scenario, the government feels compelled to implement a temporary shutdown of X, in accordance with the ministry’s stance.

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