Interior Ministry Report: Blockage of Social Media Platform X Due to Security ConcernsFILE PHOTO: A screen capture of Twitter's official page with an "X" on the profile image is seen on July 23, 2023 in this screengrab obtained from a social media website. via REUTERS/File Photo
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The Interior Ministry has presented a comprehensive report to the Islamabad High Court regarding the blockage of social media platform X.

The report sheds light on the legal and factual discrepancies in the application opposing the blockage of X, emphasizing that X is not registered in Pakistan and does not adhere to Pakistani laws.

This lack of compliance with government regulations has necessitated the imposition of restrictions to safeguard national security.

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According to the report, the primary objective behind the ban on X is to prevent its misuse as a platform for disseminating extremist ideologies and false information, rather than impeding freedom of expression. The Ministry’s decision to take action against X is rooted in its commitment to protecting citizens and ensuring national security.

Furthermore, the report reveals that X’s non-compliance with Pakistani laws led to its blockage. The Federal Investigation Agency’s cyber crimes wing had requested X to block accounts involved in spreading misleading propaganda against the Chief Justice of Pakistan, a request that went unanswered by X.

According to the report, recent development comes in the wake of the government’s efforts to regulate social media platforms, with agreements in place to uphold Pakistani laws. The ban on X aligns with security considerations and is not in violation of constitutional rights.

In response to the court, the Interior Ministry has clarified that the request to block X does not infringe upon fundamental rights and can be dismissed in the initial stages.

The Ministry’s stance underscores that the ban on X aims to promote responsible use of social media platforms in compliance with the law, reinforcing its dedication to safeguarding citizens’ rights and national security. This decisive action against X marks a significant step towards achieving these crucial objectives.

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