Suspension Of Internet Services
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Jan Achakzai, the incumbent Information Minister of Balochistan, declared the temporary suspension of internet services surrounding crucial polling stations in the province for theupcoming General Elections scheduled for February 8, 2024.

The decision to halt internet services was elucidated by Achakzai as a proactive response to a terrorism alert, aiming to safeguard the well-being of civilians and prevent potential misuse of social media platforms by terrorists to incite violence during the elections. The areas primarily affected by this suspension include Turbat, Mach, Chaman, and other regions within Balochistan.

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Underscoring the caretaker government’s commitment to citizens’ safety, Achakzai disclosed that preemptive measures, including restrictions on public gatherings and election-related meetings, were implemented due to heightened dangers and the reported presence of a suspected female suicide bomber in Balochistan’s governmental seat. Contrary to these measures in Balochistan, Caretaker Information Minister of Pakistan, Murtaza Solangi, assured the public that there were no directives to suspend mobile or internet services across the country on polling day. In addressing concerns about potential law-and-order situations, Solangi asserted that

If any law-and-order situation arises anywhere in the country on polling day, the local administration will take decision accordingly.

Encouraging citizens to exercise their voting rights responsibly, Solangi emphasized that such participation reflects patriotism and commitment to the democratic continuity of the country. Despite security challenges, both the Information Minister and the central government in Islamabad reiterated their stance that the elections would proceed as scheduled on February 8th.

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