Pak Suzuki New Exchange Deal: 'Purani do, Nai Lo’
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Suzuki Pakistan’s Dealer- In a continuation of its recent trend of severing ties, Pak Suzuki bids farewell  to two additional dealerships, Suzuki Layyah Motors and Suzuki Layyah Motors (Kot Addu Branch), following the termination of partnerships with Suzuki D.G Khan Motors and Suzuki D.G Khan Motors City Branch.

The company issues a warning, notifying the public that these dealerships are no longer authorized to sell Suzuki vehicles or process payments, cautioning customers against engaging with them for bookings and after-sales services.

Suzuki Pakistan remains tight-lipped about the reasons behind the abrupt terminations, creating a cloud of uncertainty surrounding the company’s dealership strategy in Pakistan. Despite recent endeavors such as promotional financing options and free registration, Suzuki has encountered challenges in maintaining robust sales, prompting speculation about the brand’s future in the country.

The decision to cut ties with dealerships without providing a clear explanation raises questions about the direction Suzuki intends to take in the Pakistani market. These developments unfold against the backdrop of stable sales figures, even amid promotional efforts.

Observers are keenly monitoring the automotive market, particularly in light of positive indicators such as the strengthening of the Pakistani Rupee against the U.S. dollar. The recent reduction in prices by Kia Pakistan further contributes to a positive outlook for the automotive industry.

As Suzuki’s strategic moves come under scrutiny amid broader challenges in the auto industry, there is growing speculation about potential shifts in the company’s approach. The dynamic nature of the market and external factors like currency fluctuations continue to play a pivotal role in shaping the landscape for automotive companies operating in Pakistan.

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