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The introduction of Tim Hortons in Islamabad, especially in the vibrant locale of DHA Phase-II ‘Central Park,’ signifies a momentous expansion for the iconic Canadian coffeehouse chain within Pakistan. Going beyond Lahore, this strategic move represents both a business expansion and a cultural embrace within Pakistan’s diverse culinary landscape.

The launch of Tim Hortons in Lahore established a remarkable benchmark, recording an unprecedented influx of customers. The remarkable first-day sales, surpassing records held in the chain’s 61-year history, vividly demonstrate the eagerness and enthusiasm of Pakistani consumers for Tim Hortons’ offerings.Tim Hortons in Islamabad

The extraordinary success of the Lahore launch underscores the brand’s appeal and the anticipation it generates among locals. With over 13,000 customers flocking to experience the renowned Tim Hortons menu on its opening day, it not only signifies the brand’s popularity but also highlights the growing inclination of Pakistani consumers towards international food chains.

The enthusiasm witnessed on the first day in Lahore resonates with the brand’s newfound presence in Islamabad. Nestled within the bustling Central Park, among a collection of international food chains, Tim Hortons becomes part of a diverse culinary landscape. Its arrival in Islamabad’s DHA Phase-II not only caters to the area’s culinary diversity but also introduces a distinct Canadian flavor to the local food scene.

The overwhelming response, with eager customers lining up until the government-mandated closure at 11 PM, indicates sustained interest and demand for Tim Hortons’ offerings. Without the restrictions in place, the momentum of sales and the eager customers waiting in line could have further elevated the already record-breaking figures.

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