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US Congress, Democratic and Republican officials in the United States have jointly implored President Joe Biden to withhold acceptance of Pakistan election results pending a thorough investigation into alleged irregularities.

A spokesperson from the U.S. State Department emphasized the imperative need for a comprehensive inquiry into claims of interference or fraud during a statement issued on Friday, expressing concerns over potential meddling in the electoral procedures.

The statement asserted alignment with reputable international and local election observers, echoing their assessment that the elections in question witnessed unjust constraints on freedom of expression, association, and peaceful assembly.

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Congressman Brad Sherman, a distinguished member of the influential House of Foreign Affairs Committee, advocated for the freedom of press organizations in Pakistan to unveil vote tallies promptly, emphasizing the avoidance of unnecessary delays in result declarations.

Congresswoman Rashida Talib underscored the importance of standing in solidarity with the Pakistani people, emphasizing the precarious state of their democracy. She also urged the United States to ensure that tax funds are not directed towards those who undermine the people’s right to freely elect their leaders, asserting the necessity for such processes to occur without external interference.

Additionally, Congresswoman Ilhan Omar called upon the State Department to involve independent entities in investigating alleged interference in the electoral process. Expressing deep concern over reports of meddling, she stressed the significance of ensuring the Pakistani people receive a transparent, democratic, and genuinely representative government.

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