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In an exemplary incident at the new Islamabad International Airport, Sobia, a dedicated employee of the Civil Aviation Authority, showcased remarkable integrity and honesty. Her conscientious act of promptly returning a forgotten bag filled with valuables reflects a deep commitment to ethical conduct and professionalism within the context of the recently established airport.

Amid a landscape where lost belongings at airports often go unreported or unrecovered, Sobia’s immediate response upon discovering the bag in the changing room of the new airport’s domestic lounge demonstrates a commendable sense of responsibility. Instead of neglecting the bag’s contents, she handed it over to the terminal manager, ensuring proper protocol was followed by depositing it in the lost and found section—a crucial step in reuniting lost items with their rightful owners at the new Islamabad International Airport.

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The bag’s contents, which included a significant sum of Rs 4 million in various forms, 10 tola Gold, 110 British pounds, two mobile phones, Rs 22,000 in cash, and a valuable Swiss watch, held both monetary and sentimental value for the woman and her family, underscoring the importance of the timely retrieval of the bag at the new Islamabad International Airport.

Efficient coordination among the passenger, the Civil Aviation Authority, and the airport staff at the new Islamabad International Airport facilitated the seamless return of the bag. The passenger’s commendation for the airport staff’s integrity and professionalism further emphasizes the positive impact of Sobia’s actions, highlighting the significance of honesty and ethical behavior in the context of the new Islamabad Airport.New Islamabad Airport

The recognition extended to Sobia by the airport manager, Syed Aftab, in the form of a certificate and a monetary reward of Rs 25,000 serves as a token of appreciation for her exceptional honesty and dedication to upholding the highest service standards at the new Islamabad International Airport.

This incident not only exemplifies an individual’s integrity but also underscores the ethical standards maintained by the employees of the Civil Aviation Authority at the new Islamabad Airport, setting a commendable example for others in similar roles. Sobia’s actions serve as a beacon of honesty, reinforcing trust in the values of accountability and integrity within the aviation industry at the new Islamabad International Airport.

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