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Two Holy Mosques administration in Saudi Arabia has implemented advanced technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI) and digital methods, to improve the guidance and counseling services offered to visitors and pilgrims at the Grand Mosque.

As per the Saudi Press Agency (SPA) reports, this initiative includes the deployment of 52 strategically positioned screens both inside and outside the Grand Mosque. These screens collectively cover an area of 279 square meters and operate continuously.

The General Authority for the Affairs is responsible for delivering tailored guidance content through these screens. To ensure the content’s relevance and appropriateness, a specialized team, consisting of esteemed scholars in religious and guidance matters, carefully curates the material.

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The curated content is then translated into multiple languages to cater to the diverse linguistic backgrounds of the mosque’s visitors. Placed strategically at crucial locations such as entrances, exits, courtyards, and roads leading to the Grand Mosque, the screens offer extensive coverage to pilgrims.

Incorporating innovative AI technology into the digital screens, authorities have introduced an interactive AI-guidance robot as part of this initiative. This robot is designed to assist pilgrims by providing essential brochures and publications that can facilitate their religious rituals.

The robot includes informative and guiding content, accessible and shareable through users’ mobile phones. This integration of AI technology aims to enhance the overall experience of visitors and pilgrims, offering them valuable information and support during their time at the Grand Mosque.

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