Justice Babar Sattar of the Islamabad High Court. PHOTO: ihc.gov.pk
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Islamabad High Court Informed on Unauthorized Audio Tapping

In the ongoing audio leaks case, the Attorney General informed the Islamabad High Court (IHC) on Wednesday that the federal government had not authorized any agency, including the ISI, FIA, or others, for audio tapping.

Unlawful Recordings Condemned

AGP Mansoor Usman Awan declared that any government agency engaging in such recordings is doing so unlawfully, presenting a report on behalf of the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO).

Case Initiated by Imran Khan Wife- Bushra Bibi

The IHC heard a petition by Bushra Bibi, former Prime Minister Imran Khan’s spouse, seeking legal action against a leaked conversation involving her, her lawyer Latif Khosa, and a PTI leader.

Government’s Responsibility and Possible International Assistance

Justice Babar Sattar stated that it’s now the federal government’s responsibility to decide on the case, suggesting seeking assistance from national and international judicial bodies if the government doesn’t disclose the tapping source.

No Authorization for Audio Tapping, FIA to Investigate

AGP Awan clarified that the PMO affirms no agency has permission for audio tapping. The FIA is reviewing the case to identify the recording entity, sending notices to telecom companies per court orders.

Privacy Concerns and Investigation

Justice Sattar emphasized the balance between freedom of information and privacy, considering self-regulations. The court directed the investigation of whether the Intelligence Bureau (IB) was given authority to record private conversations.

Additional Court Directives

The court instructed the re-filing of responses by PTI, FIA, and others for the next hearing. In a previous hearing, the FIA was directed to investigate the initial release of the audio, with notices issued to the ISI and PTA for their responses.

Concerns Over Audio Leaks Dissemination

Advocate Latif Khosa highlighted the privileged nature of lawyer-client conversations, expressing concern about leaks. The court inquired about the widespread dissemination of the leaked audio on TV channels.

Context of the Leaked Audio

The leaked audio featured Bushra Bibi and Khosa discussing grievances against Khan’s sisters, revealing family differences amid the former prime minister’s incarceration. The court expressed the need to investigate the source of the leak for further proceedings.

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