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As the process of repatriating illegal Afghan refugees from Pakistan unfolds, a total of 1,748 individuals, comprising 466 men, 315 women, and 967 children, returned to Afghanistan on Tuesday.

Even before the official announcement by the Pakistani government, a significant number of undocumented Afghans had initiated their return, apprehensive of potential arrests.

As of December 19, the cumulative count of illegal Afghan refugees departing from Pakistan has reached 440,124, and the repatriation process is still in progress.

Additionally, 73 families were transported in 65 vehicles as part of the repatriation efforts to Afghanistan.

The government had stipulated a deadline of October 31 for illegal and undocumented Afghan refugees to either return to Afghanistan voluntarily or face apprehension and forced deportation.

The enforcement targeted individuals lacking proper travel documents, allowing those with valid documentation to remain in the country if they met legal requirements.

Deported individuals were permitted to carry a restricted amount of local currency, subject to specific limits. Any funds exceeding these limits had to be transferred through official banking channels. Afghan nationals had their currency limit set at 50,000 Afghan currency per family.

To enhance the identification and tracking of illegal immigrants, the government implemented geofencing and gathered data on their residential locations, spanning from villages to metropolitan areas.

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