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Noman Said, a prominent IT exporter in Pakistan, strongly criticized the abrupt and indiscriminate blocking of internet services in the country during the elections, asserting that it has brought the IT Industry to a standstill with significant financial losses.

He emphasized the pivotal role of the internet as a lifeline, office space, and communication infrastructure for the IT industry, stating that its absence severely hampers operational capabilities.

In addition, Noman pointed out that the IT and ITeS services were already facing challenges related to the cost of doing business and non-competitive issues in IT service exports due to weak governance structures and inconsistent policies. The current political turmoil has further exacerbated these challenges, completely halting IT industry operations.

Expressing urgency, the exporter demanded the immediate restoration of internet services for the IT sector. He highlighted the shrinking quality of internet services in the country, particularly in data services, and emphasized the importance of timely delivery for maintaining credibility and goodwill in the competitive IT export markets.

Noman underscored that international buyers and importers would not accept excuses related to internet unavailability, emphasizing that credibility is paramount in retaining clients and orders within the IT export sector.

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Given the precarious law and order situation due to elections nationwide, Noman acknowledged that most IT professionalsare working from home and may need to continue doing so amid political uncertainty.

Seeking intervention, Noman urged the Caretaker Prime Minister to directly involve himself, as done during previous disruptions, advising the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) to promptly resume internet services. He also called for support from Dr. Umar Saif, the Caretaker Minister of IT & Telecom, the Pakistan Software Export Board (PSEB), and Tech Destination Pakistan administrations to request categorical instructions from the Prime Minister.

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