PTI Urges IMF For Audit Of February 8 General Elections in Pakistan
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Islamabad, Pakistan: PTI Urges IMF For Audit Of February 8 General Elections in Pakistan and formally requested the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to conduct an audit of the General Elections that took place on February 8th. This move underscores the party’s concerns about potential irregularities and their impact on the electoral process.

Concerns and Request for Audit

  • In a letter to the IMF, PTI spokesperson Raoof Hasan expressed apprehensions about the integrity of the recent general elections.
  • Citing concerns of widespread fraud, he requested a minimum 30% audit of national and provincial assembly seats within a two-week timeframe.
  • This request aligns with methodologies employed by local election monitoring organizations.

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Commitment to IMF and Conditions

  • The letter highlighted PTI’s commitment to supporting the IMF’s financing program for Pakistan. This support, agreed upon during a 2023 meeting between Imran Khan and IMF representatives, was conditional upon guaranteed free and fair elections.

Transparency, Governance, and International Support

  • PTI emphasized its dedication to governance, transparency, and fighting corruption – all values aligned with the IMF’s objectives.
  • The letter underscored the IMF’s role in evaluating member countries’ capacity to implement sound policies.
  • The communication stressed the significance of the elections, which incurred a public expenditure of nearly Rs. 50 billion (US$ 180 million).
  • Major IMF member countries, including the US, UK, and EU nations, have called for a thorough and transparent investigation into alleged irregularities.

Political Legitimacy and Investigation

  • Citing IMF guidelines, PTI stressed the importance of political legitimacy for effective policy implementation in Pakistan.
  • PTI urged the IMF to uphold its commitment to good governance and accountability by examining the reported electoral irregularities.

Clarification and Goal

  • PTI clarified that it does not seek the IMF’s direct involvement in investigations. Rather, it requests support in ensuring electoral transparency for the sake of enduring prosperity and stability in Pakistan.

“There are at least two indigenous organizations in Pakistan namely the Free and Fair Election Network (FAFEN) and PATTAN-Coalition38 that have proposed comprehensive methodologies to conduct an audit of the General Elections 2024 which, with some modifications, could be implemented locally to the satisfaction of all stakeholders. Such a role by the IMF would be a great service to Pakistan and its people, and could become the harbinger of enduring prosperity, growth, and macroeconomic stability in the country,” the letter added.

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