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Expanding its presence in the Pakistani market, Yadea Ebike, a leading Chinese electric bike manufacturer, has introduced two new electric models – the Yadea G5 and Yadea

RUIBIN. This significant step reflects the increasing global interest in sustainable transportation solutions and meets the growing demand for electric vehicles.

Priced at Rs. 280,000, the Yadea G5 features a robust 1200W motor, enabling riders to reach a maximum speed of 50 KM/HR. What distinguishes it is the impressive range of 90-

100KM, providing users with extensive coverage on a single charge, making it an attractive choice for those seeking a powerful and dependable electric bike.

Offering a more budget-friendly option, the Yadea RUIBIN is priced at Rs. 199,000. Despite its lower cost, the RUIBIN doesn’t compromise on performance, equipped with an

800W motor capable of reaching a maximum speed of 45KM/HR. Its range of 80-90KM ensures practical usability for various commuting needs.

Both models come with a noteworthy warranty package, featuring an 18-month warranty specifically covering the graphene battery. This commitment to quality is complemented by

a 24-month motor warranty, instilling confidence in users about the durability of their purchase.

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The pricing structure is all-inclusive, covering taxes and dealer commission, ensuring transparent and straightforward transactions for customers. It is essential to note that prices

may vary due to potential fluctuations caused by exchange rates and regulatory changes, reflecting the dynamic nature of the market.

Yadea’s strategic expansion into the Pakistani market not only addresses the rising demand for electric vehicles but also positions the company as a key player in providing reliable

and efficient electric bikes to a diverse consumer base. This move aligns with the broader global shift towards sustainable transportation and underscores Yadea’s commitment to

delivering innovative solutions in the electric mobility sector.

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